Party Safety in the Time of Covid-19

Summer is here and we’ve been “locked down” for three months. We all have a pretty strong urge to “get back to normal,” but the Coronavirus has not gone away yet, so we aren’t sure exactly how to celebrate safely. Party Pronto hears you! You can have a safe and fun event or party! Here’s how:

  1. Before your party, clean and disinfect everything – tables, chairs, door handles – anything your guests are likely to contact. And leave disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer out, so the cleaning can be continuous during your gathering.
  2. Party outside. You’re much less likely to catch or spread the virus in the backyard than in the house. With the group outdoors, remind folks to maintain safe distancing – that’s six feet. Limit your guest list to a number small enough to keep their distance. Set up seating areas with this distance in mind.
  3. If you’re serving food, use disposable utensils and paper plates and don’t share!
  4. Protect your guests by wearing a face covering, and ask them to do the same. And obviously, cover your cough!

At Party Pronto we have always maintained strict standards of cleanliness on all of our rentals. Now we’ll do our part in making your next get-together safe and successful by disinfecting all our rental equipment according to CDC guidelines. And to maximize your safety, we offer contact-less delivery.

If you have any questions about our policies and precautions, please feel free to call us at (626) 821-0200 or email [email protected].