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We’re the party-planning experts offering extras - value, selection and service! When you’re putting together a birthday party, wedding, or other special event, it’s nice to work with one vendor. That way, you can eliminate a lot of the hassles and keep planning consistent. Let us know your budget, and we’ll outline the best options for you. At Party Pronto, we offer a lot of extras that can make your party unique and fun. We rent helium tanks in a variety of sizes and carry a large selection of latex and Mylar balloons. We also build Balloon Arch on-site. Our Bubble Blaster can add atmosphere to your wedding or children’s party by putting out hundreds of bubbles per minutes. We also offer the smaller Bubble Mill, which offers a similar effect. Or try out our Snow Flurry Machine – it makes tiny bubbles that look just like snow. Another way to add atmosphere to your party is with our Fog Machine. It’s fun for Halloween or anytime you’re looking for something a little different. When you’re ready to go Hollywood…we’re ready to go there with you! Party Pronto extras include Stanchions and Red Carpet. Our red velvet rope is great for crowd control and it also looks fabulous in Prom photos. Our karaoke machine is another great addition, especially if you have a group that loves performing. It comes with a selection of karaoke CD’s. If you’d like to accommodate someone speaking to a crowd, we offer a gorgeous Acrylic Podium, as well as a Lectern (podium with built-in microphone and speaker). To draw attention to your location, we have Sky Tubes that bring visual excitement to your event with their 20-foot height. Many items are available for customer pick-up at our warehouse in Arcadia. Just call to reserve before you come.