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You’ve just volunteered to head-up the annual Carnival – now what? We’re here to help. Party Pronto has many years of experience with school carnivals and church festivals. Our Carnival Inflatables provide visual excitement, but more than that – they’re designed for larger crowds. Our slides and obstacle courses are fabulous for providing high volume turn-over for maximum entertainment. We have a number of larger inflatable slides that can be used wet or dry. We have several obstacle courses – some offer two lanes that can provide lots of fun competition. You might want to add the Amazing Maze to your event. It’s a giant inflatable that challenges the player to find the exit through a convoluted route. For team-building, we suggest the Human Foosball. This inflatable is similar to a Foosball table, but you and your guests are the players on a 45-foot long “field” – moving side to side on but never forward or backward. Party Pronto has several inflatable target games with football, baseball, soccer and basketball themes. We can also provide an inflatable mountain, we call it the Matterhorn Mountain, which gives kids a chance to try out their climbing skills. . At Party Pronto, we have worked with our manufacturer to design inflatable pieces that can be used in combination so that we can offer bigger, more exciting attractions that have multiple activities. Add an obstacle course to a slide and combine it with a jumper or combo jumper. We suggest that you set a budget, and let us know how much you have to spend so we can help to design the perfect event for you.