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Party Pronto offers a variety of combo jumpers to suit your needs and space requirements. These inflatables are especially well-suited for older children, or those who have tired of the simple jumpers, bounce houses and jumpy castles. All of our combos include a jumping area, as well as a climber and slide. The 3-in-1 combo is long and narrow and fits well into a driveway. It is completely netted for safety. The 4-in-1 combo features a slide inside the jumper with a tunnel under the slide. It also has a basketball hoop inside. The 5-in-1 combo is our most popular. It comes in a variety of licensed cartoon character themes including; Batman, Disney Fairies (including Tinkerbell), Disney Cars, Disney Princesses (Cinderella, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Jazmin from Aladdin and Belle from Beauty and the Beast), Disney Frozen with Elsa and Ana, Hello Kitty, Mickey and Friend, Justice League, Scooby Doo, Sesame Street featuring Elmo, Sponge Bob, Wall-E and World of Disney – which has all of the main characters. Our 6-in-1 combos are a little larger and even have a tunnel inside, along with pop-ups, a basketball hoop and an exterior curving slide. All of these units are fun for backyard parties, and they work well for school carnivals, church festivals, and other special events. If you’re planning to use the Combo in a park, be sure to obtain a park permit, if required. We’re licensed and insured for most parks in the greater Los Angeles area. If your event will be held at home, our rentals are overnight…and we’ll be glad to explain how you can safely store the inflatable. Just a reminder – we’re a full service rental company offering discount packages with tables and chairs and some come with food concession equipment. Just ask us!