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Our Clubhouse Jumpers are a little larger than standard size jumpers and hold about 15 kids at a time, depending on their size. These inflatables measure approximately 15 feet wide x 15 feet long x 14 feet high. Our most popular Clubhouse jumper has the Disney Frozen theme, and like many of the other Clubhouse jumpers we offer, it has a basketball hoop inside. Other popular themes include; Batman, Carousel, Disney’s Cars, Disney Princesses (Cindrella, Aurora, Snow White, Jazmin and Belle), Hello Kitty, Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean, Power Rangers, Sesame Street featuring Elmo, and much more. (Please ask whether your chosen unit includes the hoop. You will provide any balls to be used. This size inflatable is usually allowed at parks in the greater Los Angeles area, but you will be responsible for obtaining the park permit, if required. Party Pronto is fully licensed and insured and we will be happy to send you and/or the park any pertinent paperwork. For home parties, you’ll want to plan your set up within 25 feet of an outlet. We can provide a 25 foot extension cord, if you need one, but it’s best not to go further than. Please leave space for our delivery truck and let us know whether we’ll encounter any steps or other impediments. It takes about 15 minutes to set up and inflate your jumper. After the party, turn off the blower, and roll the jumper like a burrito - all the good stuff stays inside and that protects the netting. If you're using the jumper in the front yard, you can roll the jumper onto the driveway and park your car behind it, so it can’t be seen. It’s always first come, first served in the rental business – so please call us soon!