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When it comes to Carnival Games – we have a wide assortment that are sure to entertain! When designing your event, we suggest you consider the age group or groups that you’ll be serving. We have games that a perfect for tiny tots, like the duck pond or a number of bean bag toss games. But we also have more challenging Carnival Games that will keep teenagers and even adults amused. Some of our games are designed for single players, while others offer a competitive challenge. Among our most popular games is Pop ‘Em, in which the players used pumps to inflate balloons and the first one to pop is the winner. Another is Bring Home the Bacon, which features battery-driven piggies that waddle across the playing board to the finish. You might also consider Fill ‘Er Up, which puts 4 players in action to see who can move the balls into position the quickest. Party Pronto offers several target-style games including Animal Toss, Milk Bottle Toss, etc. We also have inflatable target-style games with basketball, baseball, football and soccer themes. They can be used singly or in combination with other similar games. You can use our games with or without a Carnival Booth. Two standard games will fit into one booth. You’ll provide the prizes and the operators for the games