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Great hosts are ready with beverages when the guests arrive and we’d love to help make it easy for you. Why not rent our margarita/slushie machine? This self-serve unit comes in a case, so you don’t need a table for it. It also makes its own ice, and holds 6 gallons of liquid in 2 separate bowls. If you will be serving alcohol at your party and children will be attending too, we suggest using lemon-lime (margarita mixer) in one bowl and strawberry (without alcohol) in the other. That way, you’re sure that the children aren’t drinking what’s intended for the adults. Our Champagne Fountain is popular for Prom Night parties. We also rent a gorgeous silver-plated punch bowl with ladle and tray. Also in silver-plate is our champagne bucket and our coffee urns. The urns add a beautiful touch to any buffet table and come in two sizes, 25 and 50 cup. We provide the gel fuel (Sterno) for these urns. We also carry coffee percolators in 60 cup and 100 cup sizes. And of course, we have the sugar and creamer sets to go with them in either silver-plate or white. We even have a sugar-sweetener packet holder in silver plate. If you’re serving banquet style, may we recommend our silver-plated water pitchers? You can put one on each table, or arrange for your servers to use them. At Party Pronto, we also have a nice selection of portable bars and glassware. A popular option for wedding or baby showers is a tea party. We carry .white teapots with matching sugar and creamers. For more casual events, we offer party tubs and large size ice chests – just add ice and soft drinks. At Party Pronto, we’re the experts in helping you plan the perfectly easy party.