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Interactive Inflatables


In addition to our jumpers, bouncy houses or jumpy castles, we have many interactive inflatables that can be a welcome addition, or can be used as a stand-alone piece that offers something a little different. We have inflatable target-practice games that are fun for all ages, including adults. Try the Baseball Challenge, Basketball Challenge, Football Challenge and Soccer Challenge, or the Basketball All-Stars for smaller kids. These inflatable units can be used singly or grouped for your party, school or church carnival or other special event. (These use a standard 110 electrical outlet, or rent a generator from us, if needed.) Children will enjoy trying to find their way out of the Amazing Maze, a giant inflatable that comes in two pieces. Rent one half or the full unit for even more fun! The Sticky Wall is sure to bring giggles when the contestant, wearing a Velcro suit, sticks onto the inflatable wall. We also offer an inflatable boxing ring with big over-sized gloves for one-on-one competition. There’s the Bungee Run in which the competitors try to see who can run the farthest before the bungee cord pulls them back. For a challenge, there’s the Mammoth Mountain – a giant inflatable that’s 28 feet tall, and gives children the opportunity to try mountain climbing while safely tethered to one of our operators. One of our newest inflatables is Human Foosball. This is teamwork at its best. Just like a foosball table, players can move from side to side, but not forward or back – and you are the players! We also offer outdoor movies with inflatable movie screens. We have a combo jumper with the movie screen attached for home parties, or a giant movie screen that’s wonderful for larger spaces. We’ll provide the projector, sound system and DVD player.