Hot Dog Broiler

Broilers are easy to use, since you need only to load the hot dogs on the spits, turn on the heater, and let the broiler do its thing. The broiler cooks franks by heating them in an oven-like environment while rotating them to ensure they cook evenly.

Our broiler holds 18 dogs & 12 buns. It can be set up on a table, or you can add a convenient food cart to your order. The cart offers lots of storage for your supplies, and includes an umbrella. The cart measures 56″L x 32″W x 40″H and is available in red or blue.


Use your own supplies, or purchase from Party Pronto:
Farmer John Wieners, Buns, Holders, and condiments – 48 servings.
Farmer John All Beef Hot Dogs with buns, holders and condiments – 48 servings.

Click here for printable instructions on using the Hot Dog Broiler.